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At Beltone, we understand that improved hearing health and quality of life means more than simply helping you decide on a hearing aid. Beltone is committed to helping you maintain optimal hearing health for the long haul. Along with our comprehensive free hearing tests, and cutting-edge digital hearing aid technology, Beltone offers personalized services to support you for the lifetime of your hearing aid, so you receive the maximum benefit.

Free Lifetime Aftercare & Hearing Aid Service

Every Beltone hearing aid comes with our BelCare™ service plan for ongoing care and protection for the life of your hearing aid.  This protection extends to our network of over 1500 Beltone locations, nationwide, so you are protected wherever you live, work or travel.  Hearing aid need to be cleaned? Having trouble adjusting sound levels? Lose a hearing aid? Whatever your needs, Beltone is here to help.

East Texas Beltone | BelCare

East Texas Beltone | Hearing aid repairs and servicingYour BelCare benefits include:

  • Annual Beltone hearing evaluation
  • BelCare lifetime care
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Patient care phone line
  • Minimum loss required for hearing aids
  • Quality control review
  • Establishing expectations
  • Adapting to new hearing aids
  • Better hearing verification
  • Warranty and ‘lost, stolen and damaged’ coverage
  • Two-year protection for change in hearing loss
  • Code of ethics

Hearing Aid Repairs & Servicing

All Beltone hearing aids come with a product warranty. To keep your hearing aid performing well, we recommend visiting us every three months for a free hearing aid cleaning. At this appointment, we thoroughly clean your hearing aid and inspect it.  We’ll also check in with you to be sure you’re hearing well across listening environments.  Should your hearing aid ever need to be repaired, we’ll diagnose the issue, repair it in the office if possible and/or send out to the factory for repair. Our Beltone factory provides quick service by experienced technicians, and we can provide you a loaner hearing aid for the duration of the repair so you are not inconvenienced.

Payment Assistance

At East Texas Beltone, we believe that every person with a hearing loss deserves the best hearing aid solution at an affordable price. We offer financing so you can experience better hearing health and quality of life without sacrificing your budget.

  • 0% APR, “Same as Cash” plans available, with approved credit!
  • We work with Care Credit, AllWell and Wells Fargo Financing
  • Extended financing options available, too

Insurance Assistance

Beltone also can help you take advantage of insurance benefits that may apply for your hearing aids. Our financing specialists understand that working with insurance plans and membership organizations can be confusing, and we have experience in helping men and women understand their coverage and discounts. We’ll maximize any benefit or discount that’s available to you.

To learn more about the services East Texas Beltone offers, visit one of our centers, call us toll-free at (888) 575-2360 today or use our online contact form. Let us help you experience better hearing health and unmatched customer service today.

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