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Hearing Aid Repairs

Repairs and Servicing

At Beltone, we understand that life happens, and there will be times that you need service for your hearing aids. Perhaps your hearing loss has changed and your hearing aid setting needs to be adjusted, or your dog ate an ear mold or you’re struggling to hear in a certain setting. Whatever the situation, your Beltone hearing care professional is here to assist.

East Texas Beltone | Beltone Trust™Hearing Aid Services Include:

  • Hearing aid cleanings
  • Hearing aid inspections and diagnostics
  • Hearing aid repairs-in office and by manufacturer
  • Hearing aid programming
  • Hearing aid adjustments
  • Free annual hearing evaluations
  • Free In-office hearing aid trials
  • Trade in programs
  • Battery programs
  • Battery replacement

At East Texas Beltone, our licensed and experienced hearing care staff can perform many common repairs and service at our local locations, often with same day service. When a major repair is necessary, Beltone hearing aids are quickly delivered to the Factory Repair Center, where they undergo extensive testing and repair using only Beltone parts and labor. This ensures that your investment in Beltone hearing aids will continue to provide you with the very best quality hearing assistance your expect.

Every repair comes complete with a 6-month or 12-month warranty, and we can usually have the repairs complete in a few days. Prices vary depending on the service to be done. Please contact the nearest East Texas Beltone location or use the online form to contact us today if you need repairs.

We can also service many other hearing aid brands and models with the same great quality parts and our best-in-class technicians while honoring most manufacturer warranties.