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Hospital Readmissions May be Due to Hearing Loss

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Wed, 12/05/2018 - 9:50am

Hospital Readmissions May be Due to Hearing Loss

Is Hearing Loss Causing Hospital Readmissions?

Many people who suffer from hearing loss have a difficult time communicating properly. When they have a medical issue, they often have a hard time hearing doctors and communicating with health care professionals about their ailment. As such, individuals with hearing issues have a 32% chance of returning to the hospital within 30 days of being discharged.

That’s why it is essential for health care professionals to pay close attention to patients with hearing loss. Often, a hearing screening should be performing on patients that are suspected of suffering from hearing loss. Here are some of the things that should be done during a hearing screening:

  • Examine ears for earwax
  • Reduce extraneous noise during the examination
  • Keep conversation slow to help with lip reading

Because hearing loss can occur gradually over time, it is essential that healthcare professionals and nursing home workers pay attention to elderly patients. In addition to issues with understanding,  most elderly people who have hearing issues may also suffer from depression, cognitive decline, and other health issues such as heart disease. Taking hearing impairment into consideration is essential for healthcare professionals to properly care for their patients. By doing this, healthcare professionals can ensure that their patients are taken care of. For more information about what can be done to reduce hearing loss related hospital admissions, contact us today.

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