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It is amazing how certain sounds can immediately soothe a person, or remind them of a happy time in their lives. There's no doubt sound is immensely powerful to us. But who says you can't enjoy music or experience life at its fullest just because you have hearing loss?

With Beltone Trust hearing aids, you’ll discover a new technological advancement in the hearing aid industry. Beltone Trust is something beyond a listening device; it will bring you new life again by capturing the sounds you’ve been missing. It is intended to offer you a more comprehensive and pleasant hearing experience!

Crafted For You To Hear Naturally

Being diagnosed with a hearing problem is not as disheartening as it once was with Trust hearing aids. You will rediscover what it is like to have complete hearing. It is designed for a more natural hearing experience. With these hearing aids there are two functions that offer you the best possible solutions for your hearing needs.

CrossLink Directionality 2
Uses an ear-to-ear wireless link that helps you identify from where the sounds are coming. It also monitors your surroundings after switching automatically to its natural setting, allowing you to clearly understand voices and speech.

Personal Sound ID™
By integrating technologies that mimic how the ear naturally collects and process sounds this feature naturally restores the sound level between your ears, which will help you quickly recognize the origin of sounds.

East Texas Beltone | Beltone Trust


Control Within Your Fingertips

Thanks to the latest and most innovative technology, you can now control everything with just a tap of your finger! You have the option to change your hearing aid settings with ease or set an appointment with your practitioner without breaking a sweat. It offers you connectivity anywhere and anytime. How do they work?

East Texas Beltone | Remote Care 
Remote Care™
A remote monitoring system that that helps you directly communicate with your 
practitioner whenever, wherever, and easily schedule an appointment with them. Your hearing care professional can also adjust and fine tune your hearing aid without you having to visit an office, for a more flexible and convenient hearing care solution.

East Texas Beltone | Direct Audio Streaming 
Direct Audio Streaming
Available for use with your iPhone, you will always be connected with Trust hearing aids; you can take phone calls, listen to your favorite music, or even follow the voice of your GPS with superb quality with the Direct Audio Streaming feature.

East Texas Beltone | HearMax App

HearMax App
A new, sleek and intuitive design that helps you easily control volume, stream audio calls, and utilize GPS navigation from your phone directly to your hearing aids. This app will enhance your Trust hearing aid experience. With its "Find My Hearing Aid" technology, you won’t experience any problem with misplaced or lost hearing aids.

Outstanding Adaptability To Your Environment

It can be difficult at first to get into the routine of wearing your hearing aids every day. We are not accustomed to adapting easily with a foreign object in or around our ears. The new Trust hearing aids, with its innovative features, will help you adapt to your environment automatically, stress-free and hassle free.

East Texas Beltone | Smart Gain Pro 
Smart Gain Pro™
This feature will allow your hearing aid to identify any change in your listening environment. It is designed to address and adopt hearing by increasing or decreasing the gain and/or noise reduction settings automatically.

East Texas Beltone | Ear to Ear Synchronization 
Ear-to-Ear Synchronization™
With a one-touch solution, the volume and program settings you’ll apply to one hearing aid will automatically be synchronized and transferred to the other. It will provide you a smooth transition and better sound experience without having to change the settings twice.

East Texas Beltone | Feedback Eraser

Feedback Eraser with Whistlestop™
Prevents such feedback and background noise like whistling and buzzing without sacrificing the quality of sound.


Longer Battery Life

With Beltone Trust, the lifespan of the battery is much longer than other hearing aids. That’s because they are compatible with rechargeable ZPower batteries for an all day charge. When it is time to recharge the hearing aids, it only takes two to four hours while you are sleeping. Rest assured, ZPower batteries last about a year as well.

Quality at its BestEast Texas Beltone | Beltone Trust

Beltone Trust hearing aids offer top of the line, innovative features. Not only that, but the receivers are virtually invisible. They also come with rechargeable batteries that you only need to replace once a year, and with its HPF NanoBlock coating, you won’t need to worry about dust and moisture. Trust hearing aids, with its sleeker design, is built for durability and convenience. It fits more comfortably and elegantly. Additionally, the Wind Noise Reduction technology will not affect you no matter what the weather is doing!


What are you waiting for? We would love to help you increase your quality of life through this new technology. Call East Texas Beltone at (888) 575-2360 today or use our online form to schedule a consultation to be fitted for these state-of-the-art hearing aids.