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Built with you in mind, the Beltone Amaze offers customers a clearer, richer sound compared to most modern hearing aids. The Amaze is the latest Beltone hearing device on the market and it boasts the most advanced features such as: 

  • Longest battery life on the market with rechargeable batteries that last up to 30 hours
  • A convenient portable charger
  • Beltone Remote Care which allows users to get their hearing aids adjusted from the comfort of their own homes
  • CrossLink Directionality to adjust for every hearing situation
  • Personalized control with the Beltone HearMax App

The Beltone Amaze allows users to take back their hearing. With the ability to stream music or phone calls directly to the hearing aid, you’ll never miss a call or miss the chance to enjoy music.

East Texas Beltone | HearMax App

For most hearing aid users, discretion is key. With the Beltone HearMax App, you can adjust your hearing aid whether you have an Android or an iPhone. Not only can you adjust the sound levels of your device, but you can see how charged your batteries are and adjust your device to hone in on speech or specific noises.

Have you ever had your hearing aid in and felt overwhelmed by sound? With the help of the Beltone Amaze, you’ll be able focus in on the sounds you want while your device works to minimize background noises. You’ll no longer be stunned by loud noises – the Beltone Amaze adjusts sound levels to keep you comfortable.

The Beltone Amaze is already getting rave reviews:

  • 95% of listeners chose the Beltone Amaze for listening to music over competitor hearing aids
  • 71% of listeners chose the Beltone Amaze for its sound quality when listening to TV
  • 64% of listeners preferred to stream sound to their Beltone Amaze instead of other devices
East Texas Beltone | Beltone Amaze

The results are clear – the Beltone Amaze is the perfect device for individuals looking for a discreet yet powerful hearing aid. To learn more about what the Beltone Amaze can do for you, contact our office at (888) 575-2360.